Who’s Your Go-To MUA Youtuber?


Little disclaimer before I go forward with this post: I am a gay man and unfortunately I don’t do makeup but for some reason I absolutely love watching makeup videos on YouTube. Sue me. Q.

SOR, as many of you know there are hundreds of YouTubers who upload makeup tutorials, reviews, etc. but only a select few are poppin’ and have a large following. There’s Manny MUA, Patrick Starr, Jeffree Star, Nikkie Tutorials, Jackie Aina and Australian besties Michael Finch and Shani Grimmond and so many more.

I want to hear about who’s videos you watch and why. I, personally, only watch Nikkie Tutorials, Jackie Aina and Michael Finch. They have amazing sense of humor and I respect the reviews they do because it doesn’t feel forced even if they’re promoting a product.

That’s the only thing that sucks about YouTubers, this is how they make their money so most of the time they are promoting a product just for a check. I guess you just have to hope they’re really being genuine about what they’re saying and go with your gut.

What do you think?


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