Do you Makeup, Make-up, or Make Up?

The makeup world has become 10x bigger the past couple years thanks to Youtube allowing MUAs become influencers and allowing influencers to become MUAs and so on and so forth. Then we had Kylie Jenner to literally broke the internet with the release of her own makeup line. And now, her older sister Kim Kardashian West is following in her little sister’s footsteps by releasing her own makeup line KKW.

(via Allure)

The beauty products were indeed sold out after a good couple minutes making Kim K more wealthier than she already is now. But it did not sell as fast as Kylie Cosmetics. I have not read any reviews, but from what I know the cosmetic line is aimed towards all skin tones and should be on the same formula equivalent as Kylie Cosmetics.

What do you think of KKW jumping on the cosmetic line wave? She is serious about her coins. I’m honestly going to get lost with all of the businesses the Kardashians have ventured out to. Talk about an empire.


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