QUICK POST: Best & Worst Dressed Oscars 2017

This year’s Oscars were filled with a lot of moments. But the most important one is who was the best and worst dressed out there in the red carpet! I’m here to give you my own opinions on who I think slayed and who I think needs to try again next year.


Taraji P. Henson came to collect bodies and remind all of us not to sleep on her. She has made a huge disappointment with her outfit choice at the Golden Globes a couple weeks ago but she came back with a vengeance and almost nearly killed me. Taraji and her stylist deserved all of the awards that night!


Janelle Monae I don’t think she’s ever done any wrong whenever it comes to her red carpet looks. Completely stunning. Yes, girl.


Viola Davis the hair, the dress color, the makeup! Everything was done effortlessly. I always feel so proud of Viola Davis, I feel like she’s a long lost aunt of mine who I’m always rooting for.


Scarlett Johansson I love you Scarlett but this was a disaster. When I saw her walk the red carpet I started cringing. There’s always hope to next year.


Halle Berry I expected more from Miss Berry. Maybe a little too much. The hair didn’t do it for me, the dress is just mediocre. None of it was giving me what I wanted. I’m so sorry Halle. I’m rooting for you next year.


Kirsten Dunst I was living for this look. She looked gorgeous.


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