McDonald’s Arch Chronicles: When Is Plump Too Much?


To begin this post I would like to say that I am guilty of plumping my lips whenever I get the chance. Every time I enter Sephora or Ulta I run towards the first lip plumper I see and drown my lips in them. And in all honestly it is just for fun because I have yet to actually buy a lip plumper although I really want to!

But my question is… when is it too much? I feel like that’s a question that not a lot of people ask. Some of us might even say “the bigger the better,” but I’m also sure we all saw Kylie Jenner’s lips evolve from an overdrawn lip to actual lip injections. And let’s not forget about this guy who spent millions on lip injections!


I mean I’m not saying get plumpy lips is a bad thing because like I said I’m one for it but where do we draw the line before our lips look like a anal hemorrhoid?  Do you think this trend will ever die?


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