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How Neutral Are You?


We have seen many different styles come and go in the fashion industry. But in the past couple years things have taken a more simple, calming, and relaxing turn which I am a huge fan of. Part of me feels like giving credit to the Kardashian clan, if we’re honest not a lot of celebrities were wearing neutral colors until we saw Kim K out and about during her pregnancies.

If we went back in time 5 years ago all you would see people wearing are crazy prints, loud colors and extra baggy clothes. I’m glad to say we are now in 2017 and we’re dressing better than ever. I personally love neutral colors. Neutral colors say so much with so little. I know some people may think they’re boring but it honestly depends on your own sense of style. You can make whatever you want look good on you if you try.

Besides neutral colors we have also been introduced to oversized shirts and jackets. They can make you look a little more thinner and add more personality to your outfit.


Neutral colors can make you look relaxed, classy, simple, and warm. How do you feel about the current fashion trends?



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