Let’s Talk Jeans!


If you did not know yet, I am a guy. But that does not stop me from the struggles that involve shopping for jeans. First let’s just talk about jeans in general, like do we even need them? During my years at college I gained the freshman 15, then more my sophomore year and a little more my junior year, you see where I’m going with this. None of the jeans I had fit me and I refused to go shopping for jeans to only drive myself to just eat more junk food. So, what did I do? I bought joggers instead. I’m not ashamed about it, joggers became quite trendy when I first bought them but not so much now especially since you can’t wear them if you want to go to some bars or clubs (I learned the hard way). But recently, I gave in and decided to give jeans a try again. Hence this post.

I need to get this out of the way before I go any further… two words: flare jeans!


Why do they exist? I mean, are they even in style anymore? I literally cringe whenever I see someone wearing flare jeans in public. Sometimes I feel like being Mommie Dearest and just losing it. But you know I’m not going to completely flame flare jeans, I feel like they would look cute with a nice pair of heels? I’m just going to stop myself. I’m slowly realizing this post might as well be just about flare jeans.

But seriously, when you go jean shopping since there are so many different types of jeans which ones do you go to? Since I don’t like flare jeans I normally go towards skinny jeans.

For men, we have: skinny, slim, regular, relaxed, loose.

If you’re a guy and you like regular, relaxed, or loose jeans you probably are not gay and do not care about what type of jeans you wear. Slim jeans are doable but it depends on how you wear them and with what.

Now, for women we have: bootcut, straight, skinny, super-skinny, boyfriend, and flare.

If I were a girl I would stick to skinny and boyfriend jeans. I feel like you can wear those two with pretty much anything and pretty much anywhere.

But seriously, I cannot be the only person that feels strongly about jeans.

I’m no jean expert but I sincerely felt like writing about it. Let’s call this a jean rant.


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