The Evolution of Keke Palmer: It’s Keke Time!

Keke Palmer has been taking social media by storm y’all! I am more than sure you all know who Keke is if not just google Akeelah and the Bee and you’ll be surprised at what a great lady she has turned out to be.

I’m not sure if Miss Palmer has always dressed with such style, hired a new stylist, or BOTH! But for the past year she has been giving us Circa 80’s & 90’s vibes with all of her risky-yet-not-risky-but-still-hot-and-comfortable-outfits.gif.

But honestly, truly, she has been giving me life these past months and I never want her to stop.

Let me give you all a couple examples:


Yes for the fur, hopefully faux her, and yes for the tight classy black dress! And honey let us not forget the hair with them edges on fleek!



She is serving me all types of goodness and I praise her for making these fashion statements! Oh and by the way all these pictures are straight from her Twitter! Go follow her and checkout the rest of her pictures.


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