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QUICK POST: 2017 GRAMMYs Red Carpet Looks

My favorite time of the year is always red carpet season! Half of the reason why I even watch award shows is only because I get to see what everyone is wearing while I sit on my couch stuffing my face with all types of unhealthy foods wishing I was somehow on the red carpet with everyone else.


The GRAMMYs is the biggest night in the music industry, and for that everyone who goes must be dressed in the best of the best and look close to perfection. Which once again brings me back to stuffing my face but enough about me. Let’s talk about those who snatched my wig and those who made me cringe! (p.s. shoutout to Buzzfeed for all the red carpet looks pictures.)


Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

There has been a lot of mixed reviews on social media about Miss Rihanna Fenty’s two-piece red carpet look. And I’m one of those who are completely in love with it. Rihanna looks completely radiant and gorgeous in this Armani Privé outfit. Everything from the hair to the makeup and even the accessories it’s just plain perfection. I know a lot of people were not so much in love with it because of all the fabric but I personally think it fits her. Rihanna is known to wearing outfits that make statements. And she did it once again. The orange top is the best part of the outfit because believe it or not crop tops are probably the number one fashion trend right now. And that shows that one, Rihanna’s team knows what they’re doing and two, crop top sales probably went sky high after RihRih stepped onto the red carpet.

Demi Lovato

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

I have absolutely no words for Demi Lovato. Actually I do, YASSSSS QUEEN!! Miss Demi Lovato did not come to play this year, she means business, hot business at that. Demi completely stunned on the red carpet. This was probably one of my favorite looks from that night. Just wow.

Camila Cabello

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

After she pulled a Beyoncé I was expecting Camila to make a huge comeback and have the world shook but she did exactly the opposite. This dress is a huge no for me, it looks like she’s either going to prom or to her Quinceañera. I also would’ve loved it if she did something different with her hair, maybe a high pony or a bun? I was just so excited to see her slay and I was just left heartbroken. For her next red carpet look I need her to pick a dress that’s a little out of her comfort zone because this dress just screams “I’m scared to make any fashion statements.”

Taraji P. Henson

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

The disappointment does not stop yet. Taraji P. Henson is known to rock the red carpet with amazing dresses that show off her amazing figure but something was off at the night of the Grammys. For one, this dress just screams too much. If you want to know the forecast just look at her dress because it’s atrocious. Taraji did not look comfortable in this dress, I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt that another celebrity took the original dress she was going to wear and she had no choice but to wear this. There has to be no other explanation.

Erika Jayne

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Queen of the Real Housewives Erika Jayne slayed on the red carpet. Some of these other celebrities should watch her on the Real Housewives of BH and takes notes on Miss Jayne’s fashion sense because she is always giving me red carpet ready tease.

Jennifer Lopez

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

A lot of people are raving about JLo’s dress but I’m not a big fan of it. Whatever is around her neck gives me anxiety every time I look at it. It literally looks like she’s being choked to death and I can’t let my Latina Queen die on me so I give this a huge no for me.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little post, please be sure to expect more. You are more than welcome to leave comments or follow me on Twitter!


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